SIP-4 Add more functions on ChickenSwap

Chicken! Chicken!

Chef Grandpa is here to announce that ChickenSwap’s new website is online now. Welcome to explore more DeFi joy here.

Meanwhile, ChickenSwap tech team is working on the new functions now. In order to launch the new functions as soon as possible, will open the SIP-4, let all KFC holders decide which two functions to launch first.

Please check below to see 5 options:

  1. DEX
    Trading your asset in a decentralized way, similar to UniSwap.
    Lend multiple crypto assets here in a easy & safe way.
    Provide decentralized insurance product, powered by Blockchain technology.
  4. VAULT
    Under a unique strategy, Valut will combine with multiple pools and offer you a higher farming yield.
    More DeFi products powered by ChickenSwap

⏲️ Vote Time: 13:00 UTC+9, 7th Nov, 2020- 1:00 UTC+9, 9th Nov, 2020
📸 Wallet Snapshot Time: 12:00 UTC+9, 7th Nov

● The Voting weights are determined by how many KFC are held in your wallet before you vote.
● Each address can only vote for one option.

The Top 2 functions by voting result will be developed and added to ChickenSwap as first priority.

ChickenSwap is driven by community, if you have any questions about the voting, you are welcome to ask Chef Grandpa on Twitter or Telegram.